Bored with your car’s interior? Wish to improve the look and feel of your car and make it a brand new one? A full car interior wrapping in lincoln might be just what you are looking for. Our effective vinyl wrapping gives you far more protection and a great finish than a typical paint. If your old texture already gets dull or covered with scratches, get proper wrapping to add new life to your interior look.

The Benefits of Car Interior Wrapping Lincoln

  • You can protect your car’s interior from extensive use.
  • You get the brand new look even if your car is old.
  • You can create your own atmosphere making its fresh.
  • Brilliant durability and scratch repellent protection.

Vinyl Wrapping is the process of completely or partially covering a vehicle or object in a cast vinyl film, effectively one large sticker! With up to a 10 year durability this is perfect for changing a vehicles appearance or turning it into a giant advertisement without the use of paint, the great advantage being that it can be removed and/or changed with relative ease. With a massive range of colours and effects available there is something to suit everyone, we can even provide a complete custom printed design! The possibilities are endless....

Why Paint when you can Wrap?

Change the colour of your vehicle quickly and easily! Quality paint like finish! Don't be put off as this procedure is fully reversible.

Vinyl Wrapping can also help protect your vehicle against chips, scuffs and protect your original paintwork therefore maintaining vehicles value.

Here at South West Tinting we can supply and fit a vast range of the best quality vinyl films:

Plain Colours

  • Metallics
  • Pearls, Satins and Mattes
  • Special Effects i.e. Snakeskin, Sequins
  • Carbon
  • Chrome
  • Full Custom Design and Print
  • Full Wraps
  • Full Vehicle colour changes or livery. Please contact us for pricing, we will most likely book an appointment to discuss the customers requirements and asses vehicles paintwork for suitability.

Roof, Mirrors, Grills, Handles and much more, almost any part can be wrapped within a few hours.

Cost vastly varies on vinyl type, colour and vehicle size. If you would like any more information or to book an appointment please do contact us.