As you can see around our website, we use the size of your car as a guide for pricing purposes.  This is because - generally - smaller cars require less time to detail than larger cars, as you'd imagine.  Detailing is a time/labour intensive process, and all our pricing is calculated with this in mind.

As a rough guide:

SMALL: Smart ForTwo, Aston Martin Cygnet

MEDIUM: VW Golf, Porsche Cayman / 911, BMW 135M

LARGE: BMW M4, Mercedes C63 AMG, Ferrari F12berlinetta, Aston Martin Vanquish

XL/4x4: BMW M6, Range Rover Sport, Mercedes S63 AMG

In some cases, there can be exceptions when a car has complicated shapes or an unusual mix of surfaces (requiring more time).  As an example: the exposed suspension, the chrome surfaces, the exposed exhaust system, the vinyl windows and other assorted features of a Caterham mean it's going to take far more time and effort to work on than a new supermini.  Similarly, a classic Jaguar E-Type is going to require vastly more attention and skill to bring up to standard than a nearly-new F-Type.  Please feel absolutely free to contact us if you would like clarification over how we'd classify your vehicle.